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October 17, 2011
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From the very next day already Yami started going to the Domino's school.  Even though he was silent and distant, he was very smart and adaptable. Moreover in the beginning he seemed to know absolutely nothing about the technology around him. When he saw a machine of any nature he looked at it surprised like the most incredible thing in world. He seemed to live in his own era. Yugi patiently and with great enthusiasm was guiding him and teaching him everything about technology. Soon he had passed him all his knowledge for modern world. Yami was enjoying Yugi's company and he was always returning his kindness. When the biggest bullies in school were going to beat them, he always came in the middle to defend him. Not that he had to do something special. One glare and the so-called bullies started to run. What he loved the most was passing holydays with Yugi. In the beginning, a little after his adoption, he celebrated Christmas. That was the first he learned. He also liked Valentine's Day since he received many cards from secret fan girls. However the holyday he wanted to celebrate and, didn't have the opportunity, was Halloween. That day that everyone was dressing in costumes and wondering around in the roads calling "Trick or Treat?" and taking sweets. Months passed quickly and the day came. Next day would be Halloween and the two of them were invited in a masquerade dance at Kaiba Corp's City's Mansion. Like this the Kaiba Corporation had named its skyscraper that was so grand and spacious that would be easily named as mansion. Corporation president and owner was Seto Kaiba. One tall, and a bit arrogant guy, with brown hair and icy blue eyes. He lived with his little brother Mokuba that on the other hand was short with tame less, black hair and black eyes. He was one year younger than Yugi when Kaiba had a couple of years that finished school. During the whole day Yugi and Yami were running from one shop to another searching their costumes. In the last and biggest shop of the city they found the best.  After a while Yugi noticed that Yami had stopped in front of a Vampire costume and he was looking at it with great interest. It was a classical vampiric long, black, velvet coat with high collar and inside it had red, glossy lining, long leathern pants matched with a white shirt that would fit the period 1600- 1700 and a pair of black boots.
"Do you want to be dressed as Vampire?" he asked.
Yami raised a brow.
"What is a Vampire?" he asked.
Yugi laughed and explained to him. After the end of the story Yami's eyes were twinkling in enthusiasm.
"I really want to be dressed as a Vampire now!"
laughing Yugi dragged him to the changing rooms to try their new costumes…

Dance's night has arrived. All guests where there, in every kind of costume and appeared having fun. Yugi was dressed like a Deck Boy of a pirate ship. He was wearing broad pants and black boots that reached up to his knees, rid shirt and he had hidden his hair under a red kerchief with black spots. From his broad cord was hanging a plastic piratical pistol. He was so much different from Yami who was wearing the Vampire costume and had emphasized his appearance with fake vampire's fangs.
"Ahoy, sailor!" a cheerful voice was heard and they saw a tall, blond teenager approaching them dressed like Roman Centurion.
It was Joey Wheeler, the fun of the gang
"Hi, Joey! I didn't know that Kaiba had invited you too!" Yugi said playfully
"What's up guys?" a third voice was heard and another tall one, brunette one this time, came closer.
It was Tristan Taylor the second best friend of Yugi's. He was dressed as a Knight and he was wearing from head to toe a silver-colored metallic armor.
"Now we're all together let's have some fun!" shouted Joey and everybody agreed.
So everybody started to dance under a grand disco ball. Soon the song changed into a slow one. Everybody seemed to have arranged to dance with someone. Joey was dancing with Mai Valendine, one older than him who was dressed as Cat Woman, Tristan with one classmate Miho Nosaka who was dressed as Snow Princess and Yugi was dancing with Rebecca Hawkins (that maybe was the only girl shorter than him) who was dressed as Minnie Mouse. Yami was sitting by the long food table alone watching them.

Later on...all the ang along with many people from the party and their other friends from school they took their Halloween candles and other stuff and moved towards an abandoned house at the other corner of the city. There was a street party there. In an abandoned house that was burnt years ago and now it was without roof! It was the perfect place for Halloween! The moon over their heads playing hide and seek with the clouds, the creepy cold...everything was great! Candles inside pamkins everywhere and some short of music. The gang was enthusiastic with this. Many people in there were having fun!
Suddenly, without a warning the music stopped, candles went off by a sudden blow of the wind and the hall buried into darkness, when the moon disappeared behind a cloud. Screams and yells of panic filled the place.
"What's going on?!...What's happening?!...What's going on?!" they were saying
With the place immersed into darkness everybody was running blindfold sometimes stumbling onto something or each other. Yami was forcing his eyes to distinguish Yugi in all that panic and pitch black darkness. Then the moon appeared again for a vague second...and it was red! It was a mon eclipse! There on the bulding's remainings of the roof with background the red moon was standing a dark figure dressed into a long black coat. Before anybody anticipated seeing anything else, the creature had disappeared in the darkness and the moon got hidden again. In the mean time Yami, sometimes pushing, sometimes calling names, was trying to find his friends. He screamed when he felt a cold, bony but still strong hand grabbed his wrist. The creature pulled him violently towards him and sank two sharp fangs in his neck! Yami shocked barely left a small gasp. He was feeling as someone was draining his life out of him. His blood being drained out of his veins. He was panting and his heart was beating in a crazy rhythm in agony and fear.
"He…he is biting me!.."  He was thinking gasping, "…drinking my blood…Stop it!"
"Are you afraid, Yami?" a hoarse voice was echoing in his head.
Yami turned his eyes a bit to face the two bloody read eyes of the vampire.
"You're right being afraid because today is the day you die. The day the old Yami will die for the new one to be reborn!"
Yami felt his feet collapsing. After the vampire drew his fangs out of his neck, supporting him by his back with just one hand, he drove the other to his mouth. Dizzy Yami was feeling strangely. His body was burning while his throat was dry like being in desert for years without a single drop of water. The vampire slit his own wrist with his fangs. The smell of blood made Yami leave another gasp. The vampire dripped some drops of blood inside Yami's half-opened lips to force him drink the blood. Yami's open eyes wide glowed red and tried to drink the drops. He rised his head up a bit and placed his lips on the vampire's wrist sucking desperately the blood to quench his thirst.
"What…what's happening to me?..." he thought.
"My mission here it's over" said the vampire leaving Yami, who collapsed on the floor fainted, jumped on the window, turned into dust and scattered in the air. When someone lit the candles back on again, and the moon was normal and shining again, Yami was still lying on his back on the floor. His sight was completely blur and he couldn't distinguish anything while people's talking seemed like a low, distant echo inside his head accept a hoarse voice
He opened his eyes and saw the worried face of the one who had called his name
"Yu…Yugi?" he mumbled.
"Yami are you alright? What happened to you?" Yami winced and brought his hand to his neck that still hurt from the bite.
"What happened in here?" two familiar voices heard from the hall's corner.
Endeavoring Herculean effort, supporting once on Yugi, once on the table beside him, Yami struggled on his feet. He didn't need a mirror to guess that he was pale as wax.
"Yami are you okay?" Yugi asked again worried touching his brother's cheek.
"N…No, Yugi…I…I don't think so…I…I need to go"
Yami said and started walking towards the exit staggering every two steps or so.
"What happened to him all of the sudden?" asked Joey who had walked up to Yugi along with Tristan.
Yugi shrugged
"I guess that the party's ended early for us, guys. You enjoy the rest. I'll return with Yami"

Yami was standing in front of building's entrance supporting his back against the wall. His head was still spinning and he was still feeling his throat dry. He noticed that he couldn't close his mouth properly and his plastic fangs were bothering him. As he took them off he realized to his horror he had grown real fangs!
" What the heaven is going on!" he monologized.
Suddenly his stomach rumbled violently and forced him realize that he was hungry. He needed food. One slight breeze blew. Yami sniffled the air and hissed,
Listening to his own voice he groaned,
"Wait a minute! What am I thinking?!"  He mentally said to himself.
He shook his head to pull himself together.
Yugi approached him. The blood's smell hit his nose again almost driving him wild. Yugi had a little scratch on his knee. He had probably fallen back then, into all that panic. He was feeling all his being craving for his blood. He turned immediately around. He heard Yugi taking a step closer to him
"STAY BACK!" he yelled.
Yugi took a step back scared but then he walked slowly towards him again.
"Yami what's happening to you?" and he hold with both hands his brother's wrist.
Feeling his warm flesh against his, Yami felt like not being master of himself anymore. He harshly turned his head around to face Yugi. The teen couldn't hold a scared cry.
"Yami your eyes are…they…they are glowing red!"
Yami stroked him with a dreadful glare and with a flash move he grabbed his wrist. Yugi unwittingly screamed in pain and horror. Yami's gaze focused on his scratched knee, his body and reached its final destination…Yugi's neck. Before the two vampire eyes that now possessed, Yugi's neck veins were traced perfectly. He looked at him with hunger and he clenched his grip even more.
"Yami! You're hurting me! Stop it!"
Yami drew him harshly towards him almost uprooting his hand.
Instead of answer a low growl was heard deep from Yami's throat.
"Hungry…Hungry…" he then growled, slowly leaning down to Yugi's neck.
With another low growl he licked Yugi's neck to taste his victim. Completely unconsciously as in a nightmare he prepared to bite him. His mouth was opening with spasmodic movements    (as something was still resisting inside him) and his fangs pulled out again. He was breathing heavily.
"Don't…" Yugi whispered while tears were forming into his eyes.
Yami's eyes widened in horror and immediately withdrew from Yugi. He terrified looked at Yugi, His eyes where back to normal, and then down in his empty hands.
"Yugi…I'm sorry…I'm so sorry…" he managed to whisper and before Yugi could say anything he leapt into the sky and got lost in the night. Yugi was left alone in front of the building's entrance. He was feeling as his feet could not hold him anymore so he leaned against the wall. He started slipping down until he sat down. He sank his face into his knees and started to cry. Sobbing out. Yami…a vampire…his brother…was lost…He turned his head up to the sky.  
"Yami…" he murmured in tears
"Yami!" he yelled
"Why? Why?" he couldn't utter anything else.
he yelled his soul out again and it was the only thing he could utter…
Alright here's the next chap!
I don't own the Halloween party. Only the dialogs in it. I got inspired by this fanfic [link].

I chose costumes for the other heroes. For example Tristan's costume was my idea when I remembered season 1. He was surching for Mokuba in Pegasus's castle and to hide he got into a knight armour and I think it fits him. For Mai I just remembered Cat Woman's movie an I thought that she would be perfect in her black leathern. For Miho I imagined her as an immature teenager that dreams to become a princess that's where her costume came from. For Rebecca I just wanted to make her look cute.

Slow dance [link] (Iknow it's a greek song.I just liked the meloy)
Vampire's entrance and attack [link]
Yami's almost bite and Yugi's sorrow [link]
More chapters soon!
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