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November 25, 2012


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Well everyone! I have watched three out of four yugioh series. I have finished Yugioh DM, Yugioh 5D's and I'll soon finish GX too. Well I haven't watched Zexal yet and for the time being I don't find it...THAT attractive! (well eventually I might watch it) Well I came to this conclusion! If I put them in the top three of Yugioh favourites I would say that this would be the order

1. Yu-Gi-Oh! (DM and Zero)
2. Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
3. Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Well GX is also interesting and stuff and I liked the funny Judai/Jaden but still it doesn't have the mystery and that great sunspence the other two have (only personal opinion!) Therefore the two left are my top two. Now which one I like the most and why?...Well...Yugioh original is the top to me! I admitt that 5d's had really impressive effects and really great storyline but still the original is far better to me for the following reasons!

1. The original includes the ancient Egyptian mystery and since I am kinda obsessed with egyptian mystery see why! It also includes Atlantis in it! (another guilty pleasure of mine!). In fact it was the egyptian hystory that actually made me fall in love with this anime instantly!

2. The plot seems much more interesting having an amnesiac Pharaoh inside the body of a single teen! Later on after surpassing so many duelists they finally realize that the mysterious spirit was an ancient Pharaoh that protected humankind so many years ago using increadible power! Moreover one of my favourite parts was the one with Yami sending the message to Pegasus!!!! Seriously could that be more epic?!?!?! I!

3. I don't want to insult the 5d's fans but honestly I saw many similarities into the main characters. I mean Jack...don't tell me he isn't like Kaiba?! And Aki doesn't she act like Anzu while she is close to Yusei? Or even Yusei? Even his eyes have almost the same shape with our amnesiac Pharaoh! And they act the same at times! Seriously they are almost the same aren't thay? And what about Dr Fudo's appearance the last time to help Yusei? Don't tell me it wasn't similar to the one with Aknamkanon!?

4. I really find it more exciting when someone just walks without having the slightest idea who he is! This way the others are taking advantage of it making him sink in his own doubts! (Orichalcos saga). Yusei went through tough times but at least he knew who he was and what he was living for! He had an identity anyway! Yami on the other hand not only had an identity but he didn't even have a body! He didn't know where he was going to nor why he was there! Plus he was trapped in an Item for 3000 (or 5000 in English) years!

5. The ending was more touching! (SPOILER!). Even though the gang was broken in 5ds the seperation was temporary and guys could talk to each other through the phone or something and don't forget the great technology in 5d's! On the other hand Atem left to rest in peace at last so he technically died! Therefore the others will never see him again! Never speak with him again!

6. Yami has saved the world countless times but no one even notice that! Everyone in the world saw him as a great duelist but he has saved the world many times and no one even find out while Yusei...even saved the world in public! I always loved the picture of the "unknown hero"!!!

7. I loved Yugioh because the main character wasn't perfect! Wanna proofs? He was "evil" during Zero Saga, he nearly killed Kaiba during Duelist Kingdom Saga, he did nothing to save Arkana/Pandora in Battle City, he used the Seal in Orichalcos saga and so goes on! Yusei during the series never actually did such a fatal mistake and he seemed like the the "perfect" character in the series. I honestly LOVE it when the main character is not perfect and makes mistakes! I dunno why but it seems more real!

8. The age! Yusei was an adult while Atem was left alone at a really young age to rule a kingdom and he died at the age of 15 while saving the world! He didn't have the chace to live his life and next he was trapped for milleniums without even knowing anything about himself!

9. Atem is the King of a great empire! Seriously isn't that cool enough?! No? Well here's something else! He dealed with the worst enemy ever! Himself! He fought with his doubts and fears during the series and very little people do that and win!

10. Even the enemies have a reason for doing what they're doing! Marik was tortured as a child, Dartz had sank in despair, Pegasus was desparate to see his wife/lover again...even King Thief Bakura/Akefia had his entire village slaughtered!!! Equally great enemies and equally great main characters!!!!!

Well...I already said enough and I'm sure I got you bored! The fact is that no Yugioh show has replaced the original to me and I don't think it will! Yugioh the best freaking anime ever!!!! With the greatest protagonosts equally great enemies and antagonists and with really touching messages and ideals all through Children's Card games!!!!:giggle:
I'm sorry if you don't agree!:)
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GuardianOfCliffton Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I never have seen all of 5ds nor all of GX, though I do know those series' got better in the later season, i.e. became more serious and had a similar storyline.
As for the order you have them in, I agree pretty much equally.
I have seen some of Zexal, and, I agree, it's not really that great, but, before I got cut off from watching it, it did start to get more interesting...and, I'd rate it somewhere around the same as GX
Overall, you opinions and thoughts of Yugioh DM, are very similar to mine, and I agree very much with them. I furthermore hold the 4th season, the Doma arc, as the BEST of the 5 seasons of DM. ^^
katerinaaqu Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012
I see. Well I have finished 5d's but I had left gx unfinished because I got bored...Well it was...nice but not facinating!

I see...well I'll think about watching Zexal as well!

I see! Thank you so much! I'm so glad you sare similar ideas with me!! Yes! 4 Season was the best! I'm actually between 5 and 4 but I can't deside...oh what am I talking about?! I pretty much love them all!
GuardianOfCliffton Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, that is nice; when they cut it off after Aporia, in 5ds, from broadcast TV, that was basically it, and they screwed me out of seeing the rest of it without a computer...and now trying to find any Yugioh episodes are hard, because of 4Kids' screw up. :/

Okay; I hope you will at least find a little interest in it. ^^;

You're very welcome. ^^
Hmm, yes, I can see how season 5 is good, but because of DMG's big part in season 4, and the fact it got off the regular ancient Egypt storyline, that's why I like it most...Atem being the focus of season 5, I can see why you'd have a slightly higher favorite level for it. ^^ Nevertheless, they ALL are awesome; Yu-Gi-Oh! best first anime I've seen. ^^
(Although, technically, I do remember a few bits of my VERY FIRST anime, Sailor Moon...but it was taped back on BetaMax tapes, and now is unable to be seen...AGES ago...)
katerinaaqu Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012
I know...Well I watched all in Japanese so I wouldn't have such problem!

I might be...

Oh I see! Well you're right! I love all the series but I really LOVE the 4 season because of the mistake Atem had made cause I love it when the main character does such a mistake! But I also love 5 season because of ancient Egypt!;)

(Wow! I used to watch it too when I was little but I barely remember it now!)

[Sorry I was so late my friend!]
GuardianOfCliffton Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, American censors...

The 4th season did add more "character" to the character of Atem, and the 5th season did go into much of his both season are worth due consideration. ^^

(Yes, I was quite young when it was on too, and barely recall any of it...I also know have heard tell that the original Japanese version has SO MUCH more innuendos if I can barely remember the Americanized version, I wonder how much I would or wouldn't remember had I actually seen the Japanese version of the series. ^^;)

[It's okay, I know school and other responsibilities must come first; :iconnoworriesplz: :pat:]
katerinaaqu Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012
True! In season 4 they actually revealed more the darkness within Atem and in 5 they showd us a part of his life in Egypt.
While DMG appears in season 2 as well (helping Tea) and later on on season 4 and in season 5.:)

Yeah! I barely remember it now!

(thank you really much!)
GuardianOfCliffton Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Mmhmm; Atem's darkness and corruption, followed by his redemption as he made up for it, but in the past...
That I know of...DMG first appeared in "Magician Vs. Magician," in season 2, during the Cyberworld Arc with Noah, helping Tea (BUT, it's my belief that that filler beginning/side story, is Season 3, based on the opening indicates that it's "Enter the Shadow Realm" of which is Season 3. She appeared later on through Yami's duels in Season 3, but specifically during the duel against Marik, "The Final Face-off." Then she was a primary focus that started Season 4, specifically in calling the chosen duelists to "Awaken" the Legendary Dragons. In season 5, it was her past, as Mana, that became known about midway into that season.

It's too bad it was so long ago...

katerinaaqu Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012
True! It revealed his internal darkness abd that proved the fact that no body is perfect and that was one of the reason that made me LOVE that series!

Yes...DMG appears to those series and she was great of help for everyone;)
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Malindafan2 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
true but Yusei was left as an orphan as well.
and u know what else 5ds is like DM? the heart of the cards! XD Yusei uses it a LOT.
i can really relate myself to Yusei in SO many ways. even though we're opposite genders, we have the same heart and mind. 5ds has just taught me SO SO SO SO SO much ;U;
Yusei has taught me so much...
katerinaaqu Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012
Yes I know my friend and like I said this was my personal opinion. You like 5d's most and that's acceptable! Everyone has his own tastes!:)
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